My First Ever Exhibition!

It might be hard to tell, but I’m quite excited that I’m about to hold my first ever exhibition! And also a bit nervous that I don’t feel nervous about it yet. Well, I guess the anxiety will start creeping in the day before, making it impossible to sleep or whatever …

Anyway, I guess I’m just a newcomer to the photography scene, having only started to get into photography more seriously a couple of years ago. I had been struggling with a quite serious lack of inspiration for some years and was downright frustrated, and so I bought a camera to try and find a fresh and fun outlet for my creativity. Happily, it turned out to be the perfect hobby for me!

I got out in the streets with my camera and tried to look at the world as for the first time. Technically, I was starting (almost) from scratch. There are a lot of technical stuff you have to master to be able to take the shots you want to take. After doing hours and hours of research on the internet I found out that photographers are really, really interested in the technical side of the art. There’s literally ten million encyclopedias worth of information in this field alone, and so many (and strongly held) opinions about what’s good, and what’s bad (especially what’s bad!). Sometimes you don’t know whether you’ve actually learnt something valuable or just got more confused, or alienated  …

Well, the technical side can be tedious and uninspiring, but is still a necessary evil. But the real fun began when I realized I started “see” the shots before I took them, when I framed the scene and then went into full composition mode. That’s when I started to get inspired! And that’s where I’m still at – just trying to have fun, learn, and develop my skills and knowledge. This little hobby of mine is starting to look like a more serious endeavor every day.

So, if you’re in Stockholm this Saturday, April 7th, stop by for the opening at 3.30 p.m. at Styrelsen Bar & Bistro (Hantverkargatan 31, Stockholm). The photos will hang there for about six weeks, so even if you don’t have time this Saturday, you can catch them later.

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